Sylva Spoon

Meet the Team

Charlie Bubbles, CEO

Charlie Bubbles is Sylva Spoon’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it designs and creates functional products from locally sourced trees.

Charlie’s six years of leadership experience include fetching, staying and sitting, as well as a Dogtorate in Posterior Scent Analysis.

Charlie has a deep commitment to community and snuggling. He is also the inspiration for the main character in Charlie’s New School.

Leona, CFO

Leona’s responsible for overseeing our global financial operations. She has scratched out a living in a variety of roles, never

Chief Marketing Officer

Tom creates all the content on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the Blog

Senior Vice President, Product

Tom comes up with unique designs for the products featured here

Lead Fabricator

Taking the designs from Tom, Tom turns them into physical objects. You can buy them!

Head of Catering

Sometimes Tom uses the products that Tom designs (which Tom then makes) to cook stuff

Head of Facilities

Someone has to clean up at the end of the day.