Sylva Spoon

Bodgers' Ball 2013

Tom BartlettComment
I visited Barn the Spoon at his shop in London on a couple of occasions recently. During our conversations on spoons, tools and broken toilets, he recommended that I go to the Bodgers' Ball. He had me sold on the idea when he said it was like a bigger version of Spoonfest. So I joined the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers and managed to snag myself a couple of last minute tickets.
The location of the Bodgers Ball changes each year, and for 2013 the location was Wimpole Hall, near Cambridge. Despite taking about the event with Barn, I didn't really know what to expect. However, driving past a huge pile of logs and into a field of tents and woodchips, I knew I was in the right place. 
The Ball is a three day event (like Spoonfest) and people were camping there. As well as tents, people had set up marques and were demonstrating all manner of traditional crafts. It was absolutely fantastic to see so much skill and wander around a field filled with so many happy, like-minded folk. I even bumped into a few people I met at Spoonfest 2012, which was great. 

Scythe repair/maintenance

I was intrigued by the design of this pole lathe.

Ben Orford gave a brilliant demonstration of how to set up a pole lathe. It was beautiful to see the ease at which he sent wood chips flying.

Really like the look of this armchair by Greenwood Days. They run a 7 day course which will teach you how to make it. 

Never seen a bowl with legs like this before. Definitely something I'd like to try.

Brilliant yew spoon that got my vote for the tool-finish spoon category.

Sean Hellman demonstrating his dragonhead carving. Some very intricate work going on there. 

Nic Westermann braving the downpour to show us how he makes an axehead.

Barn did a brilliant demonstration on how he carves his spoons. I certainly learned a few choice tips from watching him work.