Sylva Spoon

A Happy Kitchen

Thomas BartlettComment

The kitchen in the Sunshine House is a very exciting place. Woodenware abounds. Handmade ceramics are the norm. A plethora of wooden utensils are dotted around in a variety of containers. 

shelves with handmade wooden bowls plates and cups

Wood is a perfect material for the kitchen. It has a life, it moves with seasons and develops a character that can only be attained through use. Some of Jarrod's wooden mugs are deeply stained from the coffees they've held. The cooking spoons are worn and scorched from the food they've cooked. The bowls and plates are smoothed by the meals they've served. 

wooden bowl wooden spoon and ceramic mug

Hollywood uses an empty fridge and unwashed dishes as shorthand for a life out of balance. It's no coincidence that most house parties end up wth people hanging out in the kitchen. Many of our holidays, where we celebrate with friends and come together as families, are centred around specific meals. Turkey for Thanksgiving, mince pie for Christmas, mithai for Diwali. Wooden kitchenware helps to remind us of the good times we have centred around food. 

Wooden plates and bowls are quieter than ceramics. The clink and clatter of utensils isn't there to interfere with the dinnertime conversation. The insulating properties of wood lets you hold a bowl of hot stew while watching a movie on the couch. The rim of a wooden cup filled with hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows, won't burn your lips with the first sip. 

Wood in the kitchen used to be the norm. For a while it was crowded out by cheap, mass-produced ceramics. People are starting to see it's value once more. In fact many of us never forgot.