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25 True Facts About Jarrod

Thomas Bartlett5 Comments

I'm about halfway through my apprenticeship now. I've gotten to know Jarrod pretty well, so I thought I'd share some totally not made-up things about him. Definitely true. 

Turning a bowl on a pole lathe

1. Jarrod has spent so much time at the lathe that if something isn't at least slowly rotating, he can't see it.

2. Jarrod has names for all his turning hooks. His favourite hook is Lucy. 

3, Jarrod can hear a tree fall in the woods, even if no-one is around

4. Place a line of plastic spoons on the floor and Jarrod will be unable to cross it

5. Jarrod's left thumbnail is HRC 58

6. At night Jarrod roams the woods foraging for perfect spoon crooks 

7. Jarrod can perfectly imitate the noise of a Mora 106 scraping against a 5000 grit Japanese waterstone

8. Inexplicably, Jarrod keeps a roll of birchbark in the bathroom

9. When cut, Jarrod bleeds sap

10. Jarrod can be warded off by making the sign of the spork at him

11. Jarrod claims to have invented the axe

12. Jarrod refuses to use metal utensils because he is slightly magnetised. This is also why he can't stand too close to the fridge

13. Jarrod once ate a bowl of turning shavings, mistaking it for ramen

14. Jarrod believes that forks are just another way the rich oppress the poor

15. Jarrod makes his wooden plates by first turning a bowl, then squishing it flat

16. The music Jarred listens to is banned in 42 States

17. Jarrod refuses to eat anything he has not shot or trapped himself. He spends his evenings hunting spinach

18. Jarrod knows who the Unknown Craftsman is 

19. Jarrod hand carved his website.

20. Jarrod refers to cars as 'land kayaks'

21. Jarrod once carved a spoon, using only another spoon 

22. Jarrod doesn't get a haircut, he has it coppiced

23. In the workshop Jarrod insists on being called 'Wood Wizard, Master of the Lathe'

24. All of Jarrod's bowls start off as spoons. One of the final steps is to remove the handle 

25. Jarrod's Instagram profile was turned on the lathe

If you have also gotten to know Jarrod, feel free to share a true fact of your own in the comments. It would be great to find out more about him.