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A photo from a demo in Sweden. New blog post. Link in the bio.

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I first met Jarrod at the first Spoonfest in 2012. Courtney was with me at the event. She grew up in Wisconsin, where Jarrod lives. I think our first interaction went something like this:

Me: "Hi Jarrod. You're from Wisconsin, right?"

Jarrod: "Yup"

Me: "So's Courtney!"

Courtney: "Hi"

Jarrod: "Hi"

Exciting stuff. 

My path crossed with Jarrod's on several other occasions. It wasn't until we were both in Sweden, at Skedfest in 2014 that we had a conversation longer than one you normally have with a disgruntled barista. I continued to follow Jarrod's work online and enjoyed reading about his thoughts on craft and seeing the work he was producing. 

In 2015 I moved to Wisconsin and in 2016, at Greenwood Fest, I talked to Jarrod about apprenticing with him. He'd written about having an apprentice and I put my name forward for consideration. We remained in contact, discussing the possibility of me apprenticing with him. Anyone who has been following Jarrod's exploits will realise he's a busy guy, jetting all over the place to spread the good word about #thenewwoodculture.

Jarrod's summer travels

In July I participated in the Bayfield Festival of Arts, just up the road from Jarrod. He let me stay at his place and we spent an evening talking craft, business and spoons. It was a great insight into what to expect from the apprenticeship

Next week I'll be making the five hour drive up to Ashland to start working under Jarrod's tutelage. I'd like to document as much as I can about what I learn. I'm hoping to write, photograph and video my experiences with Jarrod and share it with you.