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Art Fair in the Square News feature

Thomas BartlettComment

Along with some other Artists in the 'Emerge Block' I got featured in last Sunday's edition of the Wisconsin State Journal. The article can be found here.

The paragraphs focusing on me:

Keeping tradition alive

Tom Bartlett, who lives on Madison’s North Side, creates wooden bowls, spoons and other items using 10th-century woodworking techniques. He’s only done woodworking full-time for about a year now.

“I like keeping that kind of tradition alive,” said Bartlett, 30, who uses only hand tools, and no electricity, to craft his work. The wood he uses is green, sourced from residential trees that were already being cut down in the Madison area.

“I find that using hand tools gives you a greater connection to the wood,” he said. “You can more easily feel what’s happening with the grain. And it creates a nicer work environment, too — it’s quieter than power tools, and it’s cleaner, as there’s no wood dust, just chips.”

Bartlett, who also teaches woodcarving and sells his work at, hopes to demonstrate some of his techniques while while at his Emerge Block booth Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s a good opportunity to show my work and to spread the word about green woodworking as well,” he said.

I'll be on State Street this Saturday and Sunday, selling my spoons and bowls. If you're in Madison, come and say hello!