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Useful Links

Tom BartlettComment
Here is a collection of useful online resources for those of you interested in carving spoons yourself.
  • Robin Wood
    Robin is a wood turner from Derbyshire, UK. He creates wonderful wooden bowls, among other things. He is a great source of inspiration for me and an outspoken advocate for protecting and promoting many of Britain's traditional crafts. He also has a four-part instructional video on how to carve a spoon. Great for carvers of any level.
  • Pinewood Forge
    Lots and lots of resources within this site. Not only is it the online store front for Del Stubbs, who makes excellent slojd (craft) knives, but it has links to a vast array of carving websites. Some of the links to spoon sites (over a hundred) are very inspirational.
  • Bushcraft UK
    Quite possibly my favourite online forum. The members are a bottomless source of knowledge, inspiration and support. There are probably threads in the archives on any question you might have about traditional crafts. The search function is a little sub-par but any question you post will often be quickly and comprehensively answered.
  • Jon's Bushcraft
    A bushcraft enthusiast from Warwickshire, UK, he has several tutorials on a range of carving/bushcraft projects from carving a whistle to putting a Canadian skin on a wooden canoe frame. The projects have five levels difficulty from easy to hard.
  • The Woodsmith Store
    Lots of various tools to tempt you here. I'm a satisfied customer having ordered a variety of tools from them. Reasonably priced, great service. 
  • Ben Orford
    While there are lots of professional knife makers out there, Ben Orford is a chap based in Herefordshire, UK from whom I've bought an apple handled Woodlander. It's a great knife, extremely well made. A little more than what you'll need if you just carving spoons, but as an out and about bushcraft knife I'm extremely pleased with it. He also sells everything you'd need to start carving spoons.